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middleton irish whiskey -
middleton irish whiskey is a irish whiskey made from malted cereals, barley, water and yeast. It is passed through the still 3 times (therefore has a high alcohol level), blended and aged minimum 5 years in used Sherry casks. Each year this "experiment" in quality changes a little, and each release is vintage dated. It's not as big and bold as its sibling middleton brands below. One thing you can count on is that middleton Whiskey will always be elegant, impeccably balanced, and perilously drinkable. Distillery Manager Barry Crockett wouldn't put his signature on every bottle if he didn't think so.
Middleton irish whiskey is for those who appreciate true blended irish whiskies
Many a proud Irishman claims the inventor of middleton whiskey to be Saint Patrick himself, way back from the fifth century.

Buy middleton Irish Whiskey.
middleton Whiskey
middleton irish whiskey
middleton Rare Irish Whiskey
This is an outstanding
Irish Whiskey. Produced in very limited quantities, it is handcrafted and individually signed by its master distiller.
middleton Reserve 1780 Irish Whiskey
Its name celebrates the founding date of middleton distillery. Matured for 12 years largely in sherry casks. Visit our middleton Store to find all the range of their fine products, 1780, Gold, Pot Still.
Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
Tullamore Dew irish whiskey was first distilled in 1829 in the small town of Tullamore in County Offaly in the heart of Ireland. The name derives from the initials of an early owner, Daniel E Williams - DEW.
Tullamore Dew is a favorite among Irish whiskeys for its distinctive, accessible taste, enjoyed on its own, over ice or with a little water. An unusually smooth and sophisticated triple-distilled Irish Whiskey.
Bushmills Irish Whiskey
bushmills irish whiskey is bright yellow with amber highlights. Moderately light-bodied. Reminiscent of dried tropical fruits, salt, minerals. Pleasant, with a subtle sherry nose. Light and tangy on the palate with a compact warming finish.

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