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ballentine blended scotch whiskey
Ballentine's Finest scotch whiskey is the 10th largest spirit brand in the world. Distilled and crafted in Scotland for over a hundred years, the Ballentine's family includes a brand to suit any consumer - young or old, male or female, casual or connoisseur. The heritage of Ballentine's Scotch Whisky can be traced back to the year 1827, when farmer's son George Ballentine set up a small grocery store in Edinburgh. From there he began to supply a select range of whiskies to a distinguished clientele.

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Ballentine Whiskey
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ballantine scotch whiskey
Ballentine Scotch
ballentines scotch whiskey is a complex, refined and elegant blended scotch whisky. It is regarded as the taste to satisfy a modern style. The original flavour, complexity and refinement comes from more than 50 single malt flavous. The unmistakable Ballentine's flavor is dependent on these 50 single malts, 4 single grains and in particular the fingerprint malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie. It is balanced because no one single component dominates. Ballentine Scotch is a distillate made in Scotland from the elements of cereals, water and yeast, all of which nature will in due course replace. Ballentine Blended Scotch Whiskey is a blend of a number of distillates each of which separately is entitled to the description "Scotch Whiskey".
The period for which any blended Scotch Whiskey is regarded as having been matured is that of the most recently distilled of the spirits contained in the blend.
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