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Baby boomers are credited with the current trend from cottage beers and fine imported wines and single-malt scotches to tequila. Boomers buy tequila online, are health and image conscious, so part of tequila's popularity might result from the fact that you've never seen a "tequila gut," while the "beer gut" is endemic in some sectors. Many bars buy their tequila online and list tequila with their fine sipping brandies and liqueurs, and gourmet chefs use tequila to perk up even their most proven recipes. It works well as ingredient or an accompaniment to a particular dish. Tequila is not hallucinogenic. It is not Mexican moonshine. Tequila does not have a maggot or some other worm in the bottle. Tequila is not made from cactus. Tequila is just different from all the other liquors. It can exhibit the same complex subtleties as cognac. It generates the same loyalty and passion as a fine wine. It can stimulate good conversation and fellowship like a good whisky. When you first start to learn about tequila, keep in mind that there are more varieties than just clear and gold. Under Mexico's tequila law (Norma Official Mexicana Tequila, 1949) only certain plants are allowed to be used to make tequila. These plants may be grown in certain regions and tequila may be manufactured only to certain standards. By law, tequila is double-distilled from the fermented juice of the heart of the blue agave plant, and the best stuff is 100 % agave. Buy Tequila Online click here

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